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Debbie Harry Blondie, Punk Rock Music Muse, Fascinating Angel. Harry was part of the avant-garde and punk world of midtown Manhattan in the 1970s - the hippest woman of the hippest era in the hippest city on the planet. She and her artistic/romantic partner Chris Stein married that sophistication with mass appeal in Blondie, through songs like 'Heart of Glass' and 'Call Me', both of which she co-wrote. Her music is embedded in pop culture. In the 1960s, she moved to the Lower East Side. She broke musical barriers by mixing New Wave with Punk with Pop with Disco, befriended Andy Warhol and was painted by him, bought the first sale of a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting for $300, starred in Movie of John Waters 'Hairspray' and also in "Videodrome", Movie of David Cronenberg. Released the first song that contained a rap verse, reaching number one on the Billboard charts, 'Rapture'. At the same time she sold 40 million albums along the way. Harry's dream was to live in New York and be a beatnik. She lived in the East Village of Manhattan. She said that she still loves making music, and when a fan says her music helped him get through a rough patch. She thinks, 'Oh that happens to me when I listen to The Velvet Underground. It's all about music for me.' In 1973, she was doing a show with her first band, the Stilettos. Cris Stein was in the audience. She meets him after the Show. She found him very attractive. The bassist from the Stilettos left. So she and Chris, they stick together, and want to do rock pure, she said. And Blondie's first song was 'Platinum Blonde', and they went from there. When Blondie's singer was building her image, she looked first at the cinema. Her love for comic book characters led her to Barbarella, a film by Roger Vadim, she is also influenced by Marilyn Monroe. She was a pin-up with a subversive streak, but with a provocative and aggressive dark side. She earned the title of "most beautiful girl" in her high school yearbook. Harry knew her attractiveness value from the start and later created an industry around her image. Seeing an overturned car in New York, she declared it ideal for a photo shoot. Before designers lined up to work with her, she found a pillowcase and transformed it into stage clothes; later, years before Lady Gaga's flesh dress, she would go out in a dress made of razor blades. Harry, never motivated himself or sought fame, but by creativity, yes! Her statement, 'Ultimately, for me, it's the overwhelming need to have all of my imaginative out-of-body experience'. She has worked as a model, BBC secretary, waitress at Max's Kansas City, a club that was part of the New York art and music scene, and Playboy bunny, all the while trying to figure out her next move. When she moved to New York, she wanted to be a painter, but after seeing Janis Joplin, Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, she decided that music was her calling. Extremely Chic, in her orbit, Miles Davis, Patti Smith, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and many others. Blondie played legendary clubs in New York, including CBGB. She attended Studio 54, but not much, she said, since she was from the Rock Scene. But at Factory, she attended a lot. Platinum hair, high cheekbones, imposing and cool style, face with perfect bone and perfect symmetry. Harry has become a pop music icon. One of the few female artists to reach the top, she paved the way for later acts like Madonna. She participated in several films including Videodrome (1983). She kept working, past jobs; in 2017 "Pollinator", the single 'Fun', reached number one on the Billboard dance chart. In August 2019, publisged,her memoir, 'Face It'. Muse of the New York Punk scene (and mine! She and Briggite Bardot), perfect! Listen to Blondie Angel. "Colour me your colour, baby / Color me your car / Color me your colour, darling / I know who you are / Come up off your color chart / I know where you're coming' from / Call me (call me) on the line / Call me, call me any, anytime. (If you want to read + Articles from 2020, 2021, Click on Article Archive above, Click on the month, scroll down, and just read!)

Debbie Harry - Heart of Glass   Debbie Harry - 70's Debbie Harry - Today Andy Warhol painting Debbie Harry

The Rolling Stones, Hypnotic Band, Reinventing Themselves Always Creative Musicians. Enduring Blues Band and Rock'n'roll. Before they fell in love with the blues, before they started writing songs, from forming one of the most famous bands in the world, Jagger and Richards, have known each other since they were small. “I can't remember when I didn't know him,” Mick told Rolling Stone magazine in 1995. “We lived a street away; his mother knew my mother and we went to elementary school together from 7 to 11. We used to play together and we weren't the closest friends, but we were friends". The future rock stars grew up in the city of Dartford, in the far east of Greater London. When Richards' family moved to a new neighborhood, Jagger and Richards saw each other less. They separately developed a love of rock'n'roll in their teens, with Jagger even forming a band. "I used to do shows on Saturday night with all these different little groups. If I could get a show, I would. I used to do crazy things - you know, I used to go and play shows and get on my knees and roll on the floor - when I was 15, 16 years old," he said. Richards was aware of Jagger's performances at the time, although the two ran in separate circles, with the scholar Jagger studying at the London School of Economics and the indifferent Richards studying at the Sidcup Art School, where he began playing the guitar. Their paths would cross again on the morning of October 17, 1961, on platform two at Dartford Rail Station. Jagger, then 18, and Richards, 17, were going to school. "What happened to me and Mick back then, was that he carried two albums - Chuck Berry's 'Rockin 'at the Hops' and 'The Best of Muddy Waters.' I had only heard of Muddy up to that point," Richards said. Jagger with the records and Richards with his guitar, started a conversation about rock and blues on the train. Then Richards learned that Jagger had ordered two different albums from Chicago Chess Records not available in England. Excited and wanting to hear the LPs, Richards invited Jagger for tea that afternoon. After the audition session, the budding singer invited the amateur guitarist to join his band, 'Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys' which played songs from Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. The following year, they would find a kindred spirit in Brian Jones, and the three of them formed a new band, named after one of the songs on the two discs Jagger carried at the train station. With "Rolling 'Stone" by Muddy Waters as their inspiration, the new group became ROLLING STONES. In 2015, a plaque was unveiled at Dartford Station, where Richards and Jagger had the fateful contact. "For the thousands of passengers to realize what a great role the station has played in bringing the Rolling Stones together," said Jeremy Kits, leader of the Dartford Borough City Council. Mick Jagger, Fascinating and charismatic band leader and all the stylish Musics Band. About the proliferation and vast work of the Band, it needs no introduction. And arguably all the songs are exquisite. That explains a lot about how famous and fantastic this band is. "You can't always get what you want / But if you try sometimes, you just might find / You get what you need"!... (You Can't Always Get What You Want - Keith Richards / Mick Jagger) ..." Wild horses / Couldn't drag me away. / Wild horses, / We'll ride them someday." (Wild Horses - Keith Richads / Mick Jagger). (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click Article Archive above, Click the month, scroll down and just read!)

The Rolling Stones Band        The Rolling Stones Band The Rolling Stones Band                                                                                                                                      

The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann Chanel Fitzgerald Link in Three, Movie based on the Classical Book of F. Scott Fitzgerald, In the Crazy 20s (he manages to convey in just 218 pages, loads of information! Man of genius) "First published on April 10th of 1925, the story takes place in New York and Long Island City during the summer of 1922, and is a critique of the "American Dream". The novel recounts the chaos of World War I." This is the Historical Political and Social context of the Book, but it has a Romance, behind the whole story. That's why the Filmmakers love to reshoot this Classic Book. There are two other Film Versions, one from 1974 and the other from 1949. The story takes place in the "Crazy 20s". It is one of the Times when Elegance in men was common. In women, the Clothes were comfortable and at the same time charming, thanks to Divina Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel or she Coco Chanel. Reading CHANEL's Biography, I read that she revolutionized the way you dress, Feminine. She freed women from bodices, dressed in many layers, long hair and tied back (the clothes of the 19th century). So she created flowing Jersey dresses (extremely comfortable knit), cut her hair "CHANEL", Yes, she too Created this feminine beauty (from the hair of some actresses, who cut their hair to be practical, but actresses were hardly seen at the time) all this in 1913. Influencing all the women around her. That's why this Haircut is a Classic, even today. Elegance Symbol. She was the first woman to sunbathe on the beach, cutting her Boyfriend's sweater (Love of her life, who helped open the first store) and creating a kind of swimsuit, the first woman to show off her tanned legs. She used every opportunity she had! She made her own simplified hat, while those of noble women were excessive. She would go to the racecourse with Boyfriend Lord Arthur Capel (Boy), with his hat, simplified, with sober dresses and with ties and jackets that she took from her companion's closet. Hippodrome fanciers, mostly artists, sportsmen and writers, barely spoken at the time (around 1912), would go to Coco Chanel to ask for tips and then they liked her style and started ordering and buying her hat. So she opened the first hat shop with Boyfriend's help. They went to a Luxury Hotel, she and her boyfriend, who were already the couple at the time. At the Hotel, she reformed her boyfriend's knit, transforming it into a comfortable dress. She went out into the street, and everyone asked where she had bought it. And she would answer: "If you want to sell one of these for yourself" At that point in 1913, she became a Stylist. She opened a store, an instant success. She created Sportswear. Remember 19th century. Women wore hats "with "fruit bowls on their heads", corsets and dresses that dragged in the sand. In her New Store, she created and sold blouses with turtlenecks, inspired by the clothes of sailors, made from knitting and knitting, she also created and made pantaloons. The First World War arrived, the only store that remained open, was Chanel's. The society ladies fled their luxurious mansions and apartments and left for the resort towns Tourists then needed comfortable clothes, which made life easier, and also walks on the beach. The time began to demand austerity. The Chanel etiquette met these needs. She and her boyfriend immediately opened another store. 1916, already had three hundred employees. He manufactured, his comfortable, jersey dresses, fabric that he had in abundance. He cut his hair, at chin length (inspired by the actresses), creating fashion, Hair CHANEL, the first to have skin , tan by the Sun. She reduced the length of her skirts, which now showed her ankles. She was friends with all the most influential Artists, Poets, Dancers, Composers, Nobles and Politicians of the time. About the Basic Black Dress, CHANEL. When the Love of her life (He who helped her so much, would marry the daughter of an English lord, to crown his career as a diplomat). A year after the marriage and the end of the war, he died in a car accident. Chanel was devastated. Thus creating the CHANEL Basic Black Dress. She said she wanted to see all the women, wearing black or mourning, in honor of Arthur Capel (Boy). That was her great love of life. So, when we women, nowadays, we wear a basic black dress, we wear Bijouterie, we cut our hair to our chin, we sunbathe peacefully on the beach, we wear a tauilleur, we wear long pants, we should remember her. Because CHANEL left this legacy for all of us. But she, too, had several lovers, all Noble in Title and in money. But with Boy Capel (as they called him) he was her Only Love of Life. We must understand that women at the time did not work. Very few worked. Chanel, was an orphan, was raised in an orphanage, along with his brothers, he only left the orphanage at the age of 18. At age 40, in 1923, he launched CHANEL № 5 (chemist Ernest Beaux, used 80 substances), to satisfy Chanel's demands, and ended up showing him 8 different samples. Mademoiselle's choice was № 5, hence the Creation of the Classic Perfume, CHANEL № 5. She Created the Classic Tailleur CHANEL. She invented the use of jewelry, until then only real jewelry was used (She said that jewelry and jewelry should be mixed). She said, "Asking someone to wear only real jewelry is like asking them to cover themselves with only real flowers instead of wearing a flowered print outfit." And so, she also Created and eternalized the long necklaces of fake pearls and many twists CHANEL. She worked tirelessly until 1971, leaving us at 88 years old. This Revolutionary, Creative, Insightful, Infinite Creator, Inspiring Woman. She lived a century ahead of her time. Modern, Independent. What Women Today Are. Now watch Baz Luhrmann's Work - The Great Gatsby. It's a big party (baz Luhrmann style and very much in the style of stories told in books by F. Scott Fitzgerald). And check out the Spectacular costumes and all the exuberance that was the 20s or Crazy 20s. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click above on Article Archive, Click on the month scroll down and just read!)

The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann Movie Poster   The Great Gatsby Book By F. Scott Fitzgerald Coco Chanel Coco Chanel <

Serge Gainsbourg The Man Who Loved Women Musician Composer Poet Director Singer Painter. Early in his career he played dandy chic. Gradually he turns into a provocative character with an unshaven beard. Cursed Poet or Artist Genius, he left behind a considerable and vast work and an "impressive" list of performers. His father Joseph Gisnburg (the family's original surname), took first prize in the music conservatory. He gave his son a taste for classical music and jazz, from an early age, introduced him to the piano. Passionate about painting, he enrolled Serge at the age of 13 in an art academy. He also enrolled in Architecture, but dropped out. He painted naked women, met Elizabeth Levitsky, a Russian aristocrat, started dating and got married. At the same time he studies music theory at a conservatory. He split in 1951 and moves away from painting. He destroys his canvases to definitely stop painting. So, he starts his career as a musician, pianist in bars. In 1954 he is admitted to the SACEM exam and presented his first six songs. He attracted women, a seductive and extremely charming man. Playing at night, he is spotted by an artistic director, signed with the Phillips label. In 1958 he releases his first album "Du chant à la une, received the Charles Cros Academy Award. In 1959, he works as an actor in the film "Voulez-vouz danser avec moi?". Where he sees Brigitte Bardot and marvels. his life had a close connection with cinema, composing numerous songs.He had his first success in 1960 with "L'eau à la bouche" Juliette Gréco, sang her song "Lá Javanaise" In 1965, he wrote "Poupée de cire, poupe de son" for France Hall. Wins the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1968, he meets Jane Birkin on the set of the movie "Slogan". She was 20 at the time and will become his companion and will manage to tame the poet. Records with him "69, année érotique" and a new version of "Jé t'aime moi nom plus", which this time will be marketed. It is Music prohibited in many countries, it is the opportunity for Serge Gainsbourg to scandalize and also with "Les secettes", against the customs of time. With Jane Birkin, stabilized his personal life, this inspired him to compose a concept album "The St ory of Melody Nelson", which the press described as "the first symphonic poem of the pop era". In 1971, he released the album "Do doo dah". In 1973 "Vu de l'extériour" and "Jé suis venu te dire que je m'en vais". In 1975, "Rock around The bunker. In the same year, "Je t'aime moi nom plus", his first film as a director. In 1976 "The Man with Head of Cabbage", a concept album. "Rock'n Rose" for Alain Chamfort In 1978 "Sea, sex And Sun", soundtrack by Les Bronzés, and "Ex fan of the 1960", new album for Jane Birkin. In Jamaica, "To arms et caetera", in reggae rhythm he performs a version of "La Marseillaise". In 1980, Jane Birkin left him. He plays with Catherine Deneuve in the film "Je vous Aime", for which he also composes. Catherine Deneuve becomes one of his many interpreters. With her he sings "Dieu est un fumeur de Havana". For her he wrote the album "Souviens toi de m'oublier". In 1983, he turned Isabelle Adjani into singer "Pull Marine, and an album. In 1984 he recorded an album with Funk sounds in the United States, the best-selling album of his career. Your latest album is called "You're under arrest". This one looks like a tribute. Includes a modernized cover of Edith Piaf's "My Legionnaire". He writes an album for Vanessa Paradis, "Tandem" and "Dis Lui toi que je t'aime" and offers the title "White And Black Blues" to Joelle Ursulle and the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1990, he directed his last movie "Stan Flasher". In 1966, he appeared in the television musical "Anna" alongside Jean-Claude Brialy and Anna Karina. He also took over the soundtrack. He then collaborates with Brigitte Bardot and offered him in quick succession two hits "Harley Davidson" and Bonny And Clyde. (Watch Brigitte Bardot on YouTube on "Harley Davidson" and she and Gainsbourg on Bonny And Clyde, both videos are beautiful). Serge Gainsbourg had an "affair" or a brief romance with Brigitte Bardot. Reading the Biography of "BB", and of Serge Gainsbourg. I read that Serge had a real passion and adoration for Brigitte Bardot, (Jane Birkin, said the same in an interview, was very jealous of BB, but said she was really beautiful and perfect, because the two made a movie together). And Brigitte Bardot idolized him as a Poet, Composer, etc. Serge called Brigitte Bardot, asking if he could write a song for her. Brigitte then invites him to her apartment, where he had a piano. At the meeting were silent, the composer begins to hum the words of "Harley Davidson". She is afraid to sing on stage. He asks if she has champagne. She says she always has one in the fridge. They have several glasses of champagne. Serge sees in front of his eyes a confident Brigitte Bardot, who sings the future hit with sensuality. Serge makes his dream come true! The next day he sent you aDom Pérignon box. A story will have started on a background of golden bubbles. The romance will last for three months. Three months of pure happiness. One night, while resting in her arms, she asks Serge to compose the love song, the most beautiful one he could compose in all its power and poetry. In the middle of the night Serge, starts to compose on the piano, turns the night! "Je t'aime moi nom plus" is born! He shows Brigitte in the morning, who doesn't hesitate for a single second to record. As they say goodbye that day, Brigitte reports in her Biography that she cut her own finger and cut Serge's finger and she sealed their commitment, mixing the blood and writing on paper "Je t'aime moi nom plus". And he was amazed. But what was already! But faced with threats from her husband, playboy Günther Sachs, Brigitte then asks Serge not to sell her. Recorded many years later by Jane Birkin, replacing BB. A situation that really hurt French icon Brigitte Bardot, saying "I thought I was going to die when I heard the Jane Birkin version. But it was in the order of things, I didn't object to it either. This song (version) fell on me like a stone in my heart". If the moments they spent together were idyllic, the situation for the then young Brigitte Bardot was difficult. Divided between her husband (who cheated on her constantly and walked with an entourage of beautiful Models at his side), and Serge Gainsbourg. So the romance with Serge ends. (But she soon separates from her husband Günther Sachs). Serge Gainsbourg was devastated. Bardot said "Serge was tormented with the anguish of losing me. Every meeting was a miracle for him. He meant a lot to me, but the situation was untenable, hellish." In reverence to the actress of indisputable sex appeal, a devastated Serge Gainsbourg writes the "wonderful" album "Initials BB", (Listen to this album! It's the sublimation of Artista Gênio). That was later taken up in commercials by Guerlain (BB's favorite perfume). In the same year he wrote Françoise Hardy (in reply to Bardot) the lyrics of "Comment te dire adie". They remained eternal accomplices. To this day Brigitte Bardot says she hasn't forgotten him, when Serge died in 1991, she says she read a quote from him written in a magazine "When Bardot left me, it was like someone ripped my heart out with their teeth." Serge Gainsbourg, built a Parisian House, rue de Verneuil, which is a masterpiece, all inspired by Surrealism. This House was dedicated to Brigitte Bardot, with whom he thought of living in this magnificent house, where she has lived all her life. Serge found redemption in the arms of Jane Birkin. In 1981 he had a relationship with a model named Bambou. Until his death, he had a 16-year-old lover, Constance Mayer. The House in rue de Verneuil, Paris, in honor of his Ideal wife, Brigitte Bardot, (said by Serge himself in her biography), is permanently on display in Paris, for visitation, of such extraordinary beauty! Serge Gainsbourg inspires Musicians, Composers and Bands around the World, he had the most beautiful women! Brigitte Bardot is Muse! all great Models, hunted and sought by agents, before they become famous, must have the Brigitte Bardot pattern. Citing two examples; Gisele Bündchen and Laettita Casta (who plays Brigitte Bardot in the Serge Gainsbourg-inspired movie "Gainsbourg - The Man Who Loved Women" 2010, watch! I recommend this movie to learn more about this genius poet), but the vast majority of Models, too, always have and need to have the BB standard. Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot are "Cult" all over the world. Remember the pact made between the two. As passionate, idyllic and ephemeral as it may have been, the love story between Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg will never cease to fascinate us. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 click Article Archives above, Click the month scroll down, just read!) 

Serge Gainsbourg     Brigitte Bardot Muse of Serge Gainsbourg Serge Gainsbourg This Charming Man