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Chameleonic Musician David Bowie Is Constellation Near Mars. David Bowie had several phases and styles in his creation as a musician: MOD (60s) - HIPPIE (60s) Space Oddity - GLAM (1970 - 1974) The Man Who Sold World (1970) Diamond Dogs (1974) - PLASTIC SOUL ( 1975 - 1976) Young Americans (1975) Station to station (1976) - BERLIN (1976 - 1979) Low, "Heroes" and Lodger - NEW ROMANTIC (1980 - 1988) Let's Dance (1983) and two more albums and back to rock with the band Tin Machine - ELECTRONIC (1995 - 2001) Outside (1995) Earthling (1997) - NEOCLÁSSICO (2002 - 2016) Hours (1999) - The Next Day (2013) and Blackstar (2016). His entire Creation as a Musician was guided from the beginning by his continuous quest as a man to attain Divine Enlightenment. And Bowie left all that, duly documented in his vast musical oeuvre. His Life Trajectory was ALL Inscribed in His Musical Work. David Bowie devoted himself to modern occultism. His own definition of himself: "I'm closer to the Golden Dawn Immersed in Crowley's uniform I'm not a prophet or a man of stone Just a mortal with the potential of a superman." - Quicksand. Everything documented from start to "end." With Great Style and Great Elegance. And for ALL that, he was honored with a lightning-shaped constellation. Bowie is now made up of seven stars: Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAO 204 132, SAO 241 641 and Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis. Just as it was drawn on his face on the cover of the album Alladin Sane (1973), and the location chosen for the lightning-shaped constellation, it was very close to Mars, as in the song Life on Mars from the album Hunky Dory (1971). At the request of a radio station in Brussels, the observatory for space studies MIRA (Institute for Astronomical Research of Monterey), registered the constellation in honor of the musician. As I Said, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. That's why David Bowie, will forever be in my Gallery, as an example of one of the Most Elegant Men. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click Article Archive, Click the month, scroll down, just read!)

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Nat King Cole Musician, Jazz Pianist, Big Band, A Gentleman. Voice of Baritone, considered one of the best vocalists of his team. He sang with a clear voice, impeccable phrasing. He was the first African American to have a variety show on North American television. He suffered prejudice in his day. But, a man of extreme elegance. He went through it elegantly. Nat King Cole, Man with Elegance in the broadest sense. In the early 1950s, Cole's popularity as a singer exceeded Frank Sinatra's, and the success of his albums contributed mightily to the cost of the cylindrical Capitol Tower in Los Angeles. The Studios and Headquarters of Capitol Records, Inc. For years, the office building and studio complex was known as The House That Nat Built. 10 12-inch albums by Nat King Cole, based on the quality of the arrangements, song choices and the feel of Cole's voice. 1. Just One of Those Things (1957) 2. Night Lights 3. Tell Me All About Yourself 4. Nat Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays (1962) 5. After Midnight (1957 6. Let's Face the Music and Dance (1964) 7. The Piano Style of Nat King Cole (1956) 8. Penthouse Serenade (1952) 9. The Touch of Your Lips (1961) 10. Welcome to the Club (1959) To perfect your hearing! (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click Up on Article Archive, Click on the month, scroll down and just read!)

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