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Lost in Translation Sofia Coppola Touching Movie, Incredibly Funny and Painfully Sad. Bill Murray is the protagonist of Sofia Coppola's movie, she says she wrote the role especially for him. She received the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and the film also ran for an Oscar. It evokes an incredibly funny movie, painfully sad, as well as very modern and sexy. Murray (in one of the most exquisitely controlled performances, he seems to exist, just exist, in the character and situation created for him by Sofia Coppola) plays Bob, a former movie star staying at a luxury hotel in Tokyo 'Hyatt Tokyo', where he's filming a Japanese whiskey commercial 'Suntory Scoth'. In the scene, the Japanese advertising director speaks a huge Japanese sentence, while the translator translates a very short sentence for Bob. Bob despises himself for doing this, he is aware that the big reason for it, besides the money, is to get rid of a marriage that is getting dreary, twenty-five years of marriage. Meanwhile, in another part of the hotel, Charlote (Scarlett Johansson), is a thoughtful young woman. She has been married for just two years to John, a famous photographer (Giovanni Ribisi). Jhon is on a job where he's taking pictures of a trendy indie band and Charlote has agreed to come along to Tokyo and have fun as best he can and also see friends of both of them in Tokyo while John is working. But disturbed by the clamoring strangeness of Tokyo's soaring buildings, Charlotte experiences a flash of panic about her own life. What is she doing here? Does she know so much about her husband? Her despondency increases when she and John in the hotel lobby meet an American Hollywood actress "Woman", and John is very excited to photograph her and go out together, remember he is a famous celebrity photographer. Charlotte is a Yale graduate in Philosophy. During a tense conversation with John's friends at the bar, Charlotte makes eye contact with Bob, who is drinking himself into oblivion there every night, assiduously preserving the integrity of his disdain. Bob is in a midlife crisis. Charlotte is really trying to figure out what she wants out of life. Bob's smile is irresistible, and soon they are hanging out, having fun, sharing a great private joke on the madness of Japan, thus increasing a growing tenderness between them. At the party where Charlotte takes Bob, Modern party and very modern Japanese friends, the owner of the apartment where the party is 'going on', it was he who decorated the whole apartment and also painted, there is one who is a surfer, there is another who speaks in French with Bob, a modern soundtrack in the background, a karaoke where the best Pop Rock sing, as I said the party is super modern. Both can't sleep o, "jet leg" affects them. 'Lance Acord', the director of photography, frames Charlotte in a large 40-story Hotel window, with Tokyo remotely at her feet. She feels young, alone and exposed. It shows Bob inscrutably looking ahead, feeling older, tired, patient, unexposed because he has a more secure sense of who he is. Bob and Charlotte's grand adventure hits a lovely setting when they confess their most personal fears to each other while lying on a bed, where a little finger, Charlotte's injured toe, touches the side of Bob's foot. And when Bob tells her when her children were born. Charlotte asks, "I'm stuck, it gets easier"? (It's about life and marriage). Bob responds: "Yes, it gets easier", "The more you know what you want, the less things are bothersome". And they both manage to sleep, after sleepless days. Charlotte says, "We'll never come back here again", "Because it will never be so much fun again". That connection must never be relived beyond this delicately ecstatic moment. The words whispered in Charlotte's ear by Bob. We cannot hear them. It feels meaningful and true to both of them. Before they parted forever. Lost in Translation is a delicately sensitive, existential film about a great friendship where two generations meet, where one learns from the other. Exchanging information about existential crisis, life, joy, fun. You won't be able to take your attention away from the movie. The photography is beautiful. Ditto soundtrack. A touching movie. A wonderfully warm and witty love-sharing story. Where you will feel lighter than air. (To read previous Articles from 2021 and 2020 Click on ARCHIVES above - Click on the month and it will open the pages for the month, then scroll down and just read the articles)

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Stealing Beauty Movie Delicate, Lyrical Liv Tyler Jeremy Irons Bernardo Bertolucci, Delicately Eccentric, Visually Beautiful. On top of a hill in Siena, Tuscany, a group of aesthetes gather to spend the summer days. Art, music, cuisine, goodness and nature are the enjoyments of this idyll, but also work; "Work - the great tradition of art in these hills!" declares the resident sculptor, whose figures grace the lawn, "It's not my best piece, but it's the one they'll remember me for," says the writer among the group. After the death of her mother, a free-spirited poet who visited these Italian hills 20 years ago, Lucy (Liv Tyler), who also writes poetry, returned to an artist's home in the hills of Siena, Tuscany, with two things in mind : discover the identity of her real father, and she wants to lose her virginity, her sexual awakening, she is 19 years old. The village is occupied by a sculptor (Final McCann), who carves Lucy out of a wooden log, outlining her chin. His kind wife (Sinead Cusack) is tired after 20 years of cooking and housekeeping for an ongoing party at home. The most interesting guest is a playwright (Jeremy Irons), who is in poor health and attracts Lucy because he's not after her and tells Lucy, "Who's the lucky one?" Other guests are an art dealer (Jean Marais), an advice columnist (Stefania Sandrelli), a jewelry designer (Miranda Fox), an entertainment lawyer (DW Moffett) who sighs: "I think it would be great, you know, to be seated all day and express yourself". And neighbors show up, including several young men, one of whom may have sent Lucy a letter she considers romantic and poetic. Each one, cultural adventurer, enjoying the wonders of Italy. There is a discontent in the village, an unhappiness that everyone has in relation to their destiny in life. Lucy's arrival is new and fresh for everyone! But there is a purpose! It is acting as a muse, a catalyst shaking old patterns and forcing these exiles to decide and make reflection and change about their lives. She represents a kind of ideal of perfect virgin beauty. The extremely intense and attractive style, the visually extraordinary Bernardo Bertolucci's taste for exoticism, extends throughout the entire film, the entire film is dreamlike. It's an important story of a personal journey, something very delicate and lyrical. It deals with three major themes: sexuality, sexual initiation, family, finding your paternal origin and art, the painful and difficult mysteries of the artistic process. The soundtrack is composed of classical music, rock, blues and soul, combined with the walking, resting and dancing movements of the characters, the result is totally intoxicating. There is a wonderful feeling of lightness in the delicate and eccentric air. Making us delight together with the characters. (To read Previous Articles from 2021 and 2020 Click on ARCHIVES above - Click on the month and it will open the pages for the month then scroll down and just read)

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Morrissey The Smiths Lyric Quality Singular Music Lyricist. The Smiths, released classic singles 'Hand in Glove', 'This Charming Man', What Difference Does It Make? All of these Albums share that heady feeling of freedom, expressed in a stream of songs that blend liberated ideas, complex emotions and keen observation. Morrissey's unique vocal and lyrical approach was more than matched by Johnny Marr's melodies and arrangements. For Morrissey, his appearance as the frontman of such a powerful group was an extraordinary act of self-reinvention that stayed with him for the rest of his life. The sheer joy of this transformation can be heard throughout the Smiths' first year. Morrissey brought both insights and resentments to his art. Almost every early Smiths song talks about rejection, broken friendships, frustrated sexuality and the transience of human connection. The Smiths' goal was to tell a private truth about lives ignored by the mainstream media. Morrissey wrote about this in the song 'Jeane'. On 'Hand In Glove' from the album 'The Smiths' (1983), The Guardian said that "Hand in Glove, it sounded like a teenager's heart translated into a song". The Smiths were extremely powerful: a total art of music, lyrics, clothing, graphics, attitude and worldview. For the next three and a half years, they continued to produce a steady stream of songs, all the applause fully deserved. 'Meat is Murder' (1985), driven by Morrissey's commitment to vegetarianism. 'The Queen is Dead (1986), 'Strangeways, He We Come' (1987), 'Rank' (1988). Morrissey was a temperamental and introspective child. Discovering a love of poetry and writing, he especially enjoyed the work of Oscar Wilde and Keith Waterhouse and a fan of James Dean, whom he sought to emulate. With the end of the Smiths, Morrissey began his solo career. Albums "Viva Hate" (1988), reached the 48th position in the US charts. 'Kill Uncle' (1991), 'Vauxhall and I' (1994), 'Maladjusted' (1997), 'You Are the Quarry' (2004) . In 2013, Morrissey released his autobiography, which was called simply, 'Autobiography' Morrissey is considered the second greatest British icon. A blend of shyness and acidic critical tones with English humor. The cover of his autobiography reflects the image of himself in the poet AE Houman, who preferred art to hamanity and whose life ascetically and spiritually it seems to echo Morrissey. His father took him at age eight to see "George Best" play at Old Trafford, he was fascinated to see such art combined with such rebelliousness. 2. His lyrical quality suggests that beneath his sarcastic tone lurks a soft romantic.Yet years wishing to be seen, now he spends years wishing he was invisible. He prefers to spend his time reading Auden and James Baldwin. The solution for all problems he says, "it's the goodness of privacy in a cozy room with books". One of the most unique lyricists in rock, extravagant and erudite style. Highly original with a formidable work list of its own. Whether written for the Smiths or his own solo albums, Morrissey's lyrics are among the most insightful in rock music... others - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - Morrissey/Johnny Mar Composition)... 𝄫♪♫♬Good times for a chance - See, the luck I've had...So please, please, please - Let me get what I want - This Time... Lord Knows It would be the first time... (Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - Composition Morrissey/Johnny Mar). (To read Previous Articles from 2021 and 2020 Click on FILES above - Click on the month and it will open the pages referring to the month, scroll down and just read).

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Bob Dylan One of the most influential Singers and Composers. Musics Inspired by the muses Polymnia, Erato, Euterpe and Calliope. Folk-rock singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has emerged as one of the most original and influential voices in American popular music. Driven by influences from Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richards and especially Buddy Holly, who influenced him with country western, rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues, three distinct lines that he intertwined and fused a genre, definitively marking his influences musicals. While attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, he began performing folk and country songs at local cafes. In 1960, he dropped out of college and moved to New York, where folk singer Woody Guthrie, his idol, was hospitalized with a rare illness. He became a regular at Greenwich Village; meeting a host of other musicians; and started writing songs and with a surprising rhythm, he made 'Song to Woody', for his sick hero. In 1961, after his performances, he received rave reviews from The New York Times, signing with Columbia Records. The release of 'The Freewheelin 'Bob Dylan' in 1963 marked him as one of the most original and poetic voices in the history of American popular music. The album includes the memorable folk songs from the 60s, 'Blowin 'in the Wind' and 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall'. His next album, 'The Times They Are A-Changin', established Dylan as a protest songwriter in the 1960s. A reputation that rose after dating Joan Baez, established icon of the movement, in 1963. Benefiting both artists in their careers musicals. Dylan wrote some of Baez's best-known material and Baez introduced him to thousands of fans through his concerts. In 1964 Dylan performed 200 concerts a year, but grew tired of his role as a protest singer and songwriter. 'Another Side of Bob Dylan' (1964), was a collection of more introspective and personal songs. In 1965 he records the half-acoustic and half-electric album 'Bringing It All Back Home', where he has 'Mr. Tamborine Man', re-recorded by The Byrds, David Crosby said: "When he came to the studio where we were rehearsing and heard us play the song, he was ecstatic. I think hearing our version was part of what made Dylan turn to rock." . Subsequent albums, 'Highway 61 Revisited', which included the seminal rock song 'Like a Rolling Stone' - and the two-disc set 'Blonde on Blonde' (1966), represent Dylan in its most innovative form. With his unmistakable voice and unforgettable lyrics, Dylan has brought the world of music and literature together like no one else. Albums 'John Wesley Harding' (1967) - including 'All Along the Watchtower', later recorded by the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix - and country 'Nashville Skyline' (1969), were smoother than their previous work. 'Self-Portrait' (1970) and 'Tarantula', a collection of writings published in 1971. In 1973, Dylan appeared in Sam Peckinpah's 'Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid', also writing the soundtrack, becoming a hit and included the now classic song, "Knockin 'on Heaven's Door". In 1974, he went on tour again, recording an album with his band, 'The Band', "Planet Waves", becoming his first #1 album of all time. He followed these successes with the celebrated album 'Blood on the Tracks and Desire' (1976), reaching number one as well. 'Desire' included Dylan's song 'Hurricane' about boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter serving life in 1967 for double murder, which many considered wrongful conviction. The song 'Sara' in 'Desire', unsuccessful attempt to regain the separation with his wife Sara Lowndes. In 1979 he declared himself a born-again Christian, Dylan was a Jew. Composing 'The Evangelical' "Slow Train Comming", a commercial success that earned Dylan his first Grammy Award. His religious leanings became less evident in his music. In 1982 he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In the 1980s, Dylan toured full time, sometimes with legends such as; Tom Petty, Heartbreakers, Grateful Dead. Notable albums from this period, 'Infidels' (1983), five-disc retrospective, 'Biograph', 'Knocked Out Loaded'; and 'Oh Mercy', which became the best-received album in years. He recorded two albums with the band Traveling Willburys, with George Harrison, with Roy Orbinson, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne. In 94, he returned to his folk roots, winning the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album for 'World Gone Wrong'. In 89, he inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In 1997, the first rock star to receive the Kennedy Center Honors, considered the country's highest award for artistic excellence. The 1997 album 'Times Out of Mind' won three Grammy Awards. He continued his tours, including performing for Pope John Paul II, playing "Knockin'on Heaven's Door". In 99, a tour with Paul Simon. In 2000, he recorded the single 'Things Have Changed' to the soundtrack of the movie, Wonder Boys. The song earned a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song. Dylan then took time out of music to tell his life story. Released 'Chronicles: Volume One', the first of a three-book series, in 2004. Dylan gave his first full interview in years for a documentary in 2005. 'No Direction Home: Bob Dylan', directed by Martin Scorsese. In 2006, album 'Modern Times', reaching the top of the charts. A mix of blues, country and folk, praised for its rich sound and imagery, playful and intelligent. He continued to tour throughout the 21st Century and released the album 'Together Through Life' in 2009. In 2010 the album 'The Witmark Demos', followed by a new box titled 'Bob Dylan: The Original Mono Recordings'. In addition, he exhibited 40 of his original paintings for a solo show at the Danish Gallery. In 2011, he released a live album, 'Bob Dylan in Concert-Brandeis University 1963'. In 2012, studio album 'Tempest, Shadows in The Night', followed by an album of covers of American standards in 2015. In 2016, 'Fallen Angels', her 37th studio album, with classic songs from the Great American Sondbook. In 2017, he continued to celebrate the classics with the three-disc album 'Triplicate', featuring 30 American standards, "Stormy Wether", "As Time Goes By", "The Best Is Yet To Come". In addition to winning the Grammy, the Academy and the Golden Globe received the President Barack Obama's 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2016, the legendary singer-songwriter also received the Nobel Prize for Literature, for the first time the honor was awarded to a musician. He became the first American to receive the honor since novelist Toni Morrison in 1993, and was praised by the Swedish Academy "for creating new poetic expressions within the great tradition of American song". Dylan returned to the news in 2017 with the box 'Trouble No More' - 'The Bootleg Series Vol. 13/1979-1981. It was announced that his former recording studio in Manhattan's Greenwich Village was being reopened as an upscale apartment building, with lofts available for a minimum of $12,500 a month. Not long after, his bedroom door at the famous Chelsea Hotel was sold at auction for $100,000. In 2018, Dylan was one of the featured artists on the Universal Love EP: Wedding Songs Reimagined. He launched a brand of whiskey called 'Heaven's Door Spirits'. In 2019, release another little heard material with Bob Dylan featuring Johnny Cash - 'Travelin 'Thru, 1967-1969: The Bootleg Series Vol.15. Dylan gave fans a pleasant surprise in 2020, a 17-minute song, 'Murder Most Foul', about the murder of John F. Kennedy, he just said it was 'recorded a while ago'. When not making music, Dylan explores his talent as a visual artist. His paintings appear on the covers of his albums 'Self Postrait' (1970) and 'Planet Waves' (1974), and he has published several books and drawings, as well as exhibited around the world. Bob Dylan cites specific books that gave him a way of looking at life, an understanding of human nature, and a standard for measuring things. He says he took it with him when he started writing the lyrics. And the themes of those books worked on many of his songs, whether intentionally or not. He says he wanted to write songs unlike anything anyone has ever heard, and the themes were key. Books are; Moby Dick, All Quiet on the Western Front and The Odyssey. About 'All Quiet on the Western', he says that he never wanted to read another war novel since he already understood everything with this one. Of Moby Dick, he says, "When Melville gathered all of his Old Testament, biblical references, scientific theories, Protestant doctrines and all that knowledge of the sea and sailing ships and whales into one story, he wouldn't have worried about what it was. means. If a song moves you, that's what matters. I wrote all kinds of stuff in my songs and I'm not going to worry about what it means (like Melville)." He also quoted John Donne, the poet-priest who lived in Shakespeare's time, quoting "John Donne:" The Seats and Abydos of her breasts. Not of two lovers, but of two loves, the nests." Influencing him in love songs and songwriting. Dylan said: "I don't know what that means, but it's good and you want your songs to sound good." The Odyssey', he says; "When Odysseus visits Achilles in the Underworld - Achilles who traded a life filled with peace and contentment for a short one filled with honor and glory. He tells Odysseus that everything was a mistake. "I just died, that's all." There was no honor. No immortality. And if he could, he would choose to go back and be a humble slave to a tenant farmer on Earth instead of being what he is - a king in the land of the dead. That's what songs are too. Our songs are alive in the land of the living. But songs are different from literature. They are meant to be sung, not read. I return once more to 'Homer' who says: "Sing in me, O muse, and through me tell the story." A great contemporary troubadour and one of rock's wisest men, he deserved the "Nobel Prize for Literature". (To read previous Articles from 2021 and 2020 Click on ARCHIVES above - Click on the month and it will open the pages referring to the month then scroll down and just read the articles)

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