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Chameleonic Musician David Bowie Is Constellation Near Mars. David Bowie had several phases and styles in his creation as a musician: MOD (60s) - HIPPIE (60s) Space Oddity - GLAM (1970 - 1974) The Man Who Sold World (1970) Diamond Dogs (1974) - PLASTIC SOUL ( 1975 - 1976) Young Americans (1975) Station to station (1976) - BERLIN (1976 - 1979) Low, "Heroes" and Lodger - NEW ROMANTIC (1980 - 1988) Let's Dance (1983) and two more albums and back to rock with the band Tin Machine - ELECTRONIC (1995 - 2001) Outside (1995) Earthling (1997) - NEOCLÁSSICO (2002 - 2016) Hours (1999) - The Next Day (2013) and Blackstar (2016). His entire Creation as a Musician was guided from the beginning by his continuous quest as a man to attain Divine Enlightenment. And Bowie left all that, duly documented in his vast musical oeuvre. His Life Trajectory was ALL Inscribed in His Musical Work. David Bowie devoted himself to modern occultism. His own definition of himself: "I'm closer to the Golden Dawn Immersed in Crowley's uniform I'm not a prophet or a man of stone Just a mortal with the potential of a superman." - Quicksand. Everything documented from start to "end." With Great Style and Great Elegance. And for ALL that, he was honored with a lightning-shaped constellation. Bowie is now made up of seven stars: Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAO 204 132, SAO 241 641 and Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis. Just as it was drawn on his face on the cover of the album Alladin Sane (1973), and the location chosen for the lightning-shaped constellation, it was very close to Mars, as in the song Life on Mars from the album Hunky Dory (1971). At the request of a radio station in Brussels, the observatory for space studies MIRA (Institute for Astronomical Research of Monterey), registered the constellation in honor of the musician. As Said, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. That's why David Bowie, will forever be in my Gallery, as an example of one of the Most Elegant Men. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click Article Archive, Click the month, scroll down, just read!)

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What is Art? What is the Value of Beauty in Art? The craft of molding, of shaping something; modeling art; plastic arts (dictionary definition). Noted the similarity of plasma and plastic. Artist, in his studies, develops the left side of the brain, which is the side that controls emotions and creativity. The right side of the brain controls language and logical operations, accounts, studying, writing etc. That's why the function of an Engineer (who developed the right side of the brain) it is to "upright" a building, bridges, houses, etc. Therefore, the responsibility of an Engineer is very great. The Architect (who developed the left brain) who is the Artist, his function is to bring beauty to the facades of buildings, bridges, houses, parks (when the specialization is landscaping), etc. Well, both complement each other. So much so that in a Faculty of Architecture, the student has some subjects from the Engineering Course. And the Plastic Artist? The same function of the Architect, to bring beauty to the world. Depicting its time, its historical period, often making us rethink some attitudes (which is the Current Modern Art). When a Modern Artist makes an entire Work out of garbage, we are reminded of the importance of recycling garbage. This is just an example. But, since Centuries, the function of every Artist is to reflect what is around him. Actors, Actresses, Filmmakers, Plastic Artists (which involves; sculpture, painting, kinetic art, modern art and all art related to the theme), Architects, Theater Directors, Fashion Designer - Fashion Creators (Stylists), Photographers , Musicians, Composers, Poets, Writers (excluding technical writing), dance of all kinds, ballet, which is a work of art in motion, having body expression as a technique, Olympic games, every athlete has the body expression in the movements, which is an art form. (Sorry Artists, if I didn't mention all professions ). Everyone gives shape to something, that is, chraracters, buildings, sculptures, paintings (plastic arts in general), clothes, images, colors, sounds, words, visual image, body expression. Good Quality Entertainment (that bring some addition, it's the function), bring imagination to people, bring pleasure in appreciating what is Beautiful, bring moments of joy, moments of mental abstraction, a yoga moment. All Artists do absolutely the same. Representing its Epoch, the Historical moment. Bringing addition and making us rethink life. The Artist reflects Life. He is a "Mirror". In nature everything has a golden ratio. All Artists stubbornly pursue the golden ratio. Which is also present in the Human Body. (Below, I'll leave the explanation). The Surgeon Physician, or the Plastic Surgeon Physician, also developed the left brain! Well, they are attentive to the small details of the human body, and are perfectionists in what they do and also excellent. They are Artists! Leonardo da Vinci studied human anatomy and many other Artists also studied. (The golden ratio). If you thought that Art is not essential, maybe you need to rethink your opinion. Well, another function of the Artist is to make Life lighter, as I said, to bring moments of abstraction, moments of breath, moments of yoga. So, every art and every form of art has the function of sharing it with as many people as possible. To move on and make life lighter. Wikipedia DEFINITION: Golden ratio half the sum of one with the square root of five - Golden ratio, golden number, golden section, golden ratio is an irrational algebraic real constant denoted by the Greek letter (PHI) in tribute to the sculptor Phideas (Phidias), who would have used it to design the Parthenon, and with the value rounded to three decimal places of 1.618. It is also called the golden section (from the Latin sectio aurea), golden ratio, average and extreme reason (Euclid), divine proportion, divine section (from the Latin sectio divina), proportion in extreme reason, division of extreme reason or golden excellence. The golden number is still often called Phidias reason. Since antiquity, the golden ratio has been used in art. Its use is frequent in Renaissance paintings, such as those by the master Giotto. This number is involved with the nature of growth. Phi (not to be confused with the Pi number) as the golden number is called, can be found approximately in man (the size of the phalanges, finger bones, for example), in hives, among countless other examples involving the order of growth in nature. Precisely because it is found in studies of growth, the gold number gained an "ideal" status, being targeted by researchers, artists and writers. The fact that it is supported by mathematics is what makes it fascinating. (To read more Articles, Click Article Archive Above, Click, Scroll Down, and just Read!)

PICASSO, Guernica, 1937 – oil painting on canvas measuring 3.50 X 7.82 cm. Museum by Reina Sofia, Madrid-Spain Raphael Rooms  The Stanza della Segnatura Frescoes 1509 Contemporary Art Galleries, Smithsonian America Art Museum Leonardo da Vinci The Vitruvian Man Drawing 1490