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Eyes Wide Shut Fractal Puzzle Strangely Beautiful Movie Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Stanley Kubrick started out as a photographer for the New York magazine 'Look'. This explains a lot the perfect framing and stunning photography of his films and the visual and sensory experience we feel. Considered by many to be one of the greatest filmmakers. Reputably obsessive and meticulous, he has overseen, with all the attention to detail, every aspect of his films. A perfectionist, he commanded total control of his films, even the selection of books and newspapers that appeared in the background. His works have a visual and aural clarity, a demanding use of camera work, framing, lighting, positioning, special effects, music etc. Their unfolding narratives subvert traditional cinematic narrative conventions, leaving audiences perplexed. Kubrick's films are challenging because he tells a story in a way we're not used to. Master of narrative subtlety. Kubrick was a lifelong chess player. In Eyes Wide Shut, on each exploration trajectory he reveals unexpected details and layers of meaning, strategic orchestrations within a dream maze. Extraordinary film within its wide scope of themes and subjects. Sex is indeed the focus of the film, but the allusions to class, the world's ruling elite and powerful secret societies are significant. Also allusions that span literature, music, opera, mythology, religion, politics, history, etymology, cinema. Kubrick passed away 5 days after sending the final version to Warner Bros. This was the Master's last movie. The film Eyes Wide Shut was adapted from Traumnovelle, translated from the German means Dream Story, by Arthur Schnitzler, Austria, 1926, set in Vienna. Kubrick, upgraded to Contemporary. Tom Cruise plays Bill Hartford (Dr Bill, reference to a dollar bill), a wealthy New York doctor with an elegant high society clientele and a magnificent apartment on Central Park West, happily married to the beautiful Alice (reference to Alice in "Wonderland" a fairy tale about a privileged girl who is bored with her life and who "crosses the mirror" to end up in Wonderland"), (Nicole Kidman), former art gallery director, now a housewife, and takes care of her daughter. Troubled with each other by their flirtatious behavior, at a beautiful party hosted by an elite patient, Victor Ziegler (Sidney Pollack), and by drinking champagne and cannabis sativa, in home, has a furious fight in which Alice defiantly confesses her lustful thoughts to a naval officer in her past. During the party, Bill and Alice go their separate ways.Alice meets a man named Sandor Szavost, Hungarian, who asks her about Art and the Love of Ovid. Book series, written during ancient Roman times. The first book begins with an invocation to Venus - the planet associated with the goddess of eternal youth, goddess of beauty, fertility and physical love (sex). The star of Venus or Ishtar, appears several times in the film, and in the house and Victor Ziegler, where the party takes place. And Bill is talking to two models who flirt with him and who tell him they want to take him "where the rainbow ends"... Jealousy, Bill then goes on a nocturnal odyssey, in search of extramarital adventures, never accomplished , going through countless ordeals, even ending up in a secret society, uninvited, invading, where he witnesses scenes that shouldn't be profaned and public, in a luxurious house on Long Island. Since he was never initiated into that secret society, Bill shouldn't even have to to know it existed, let alone witness one of his "meetings." So how did he find out about it? Well, a little bird told him. Nick Nightingale At one point during his strange night out, Bill meets his old friend Nick Nightingale , who studied medicine with him, but did not graduate, at a jazz cafe. The professional pianist reveals to Bill that he is sometimes hired by mysterious people to play, blindfolded, at mysterious parties filled with women b onites. This information stirs and intrigues Bill because, since his conversation with his wife, he seems to be looking for some kind of... experience. Nick ends up making a big mistake and agrees to provide Bill with all the information he needs to access the site. A nightingale is the type of bird known to sing at night, just as Nick Nightingale “sings” secret information at the beginning of Bill's odyssey. The password to enter the ritual is “Fidelio”, which means “fidelity”, the main theme of the film. More importantly, as Nightingale points out, "Fidelio" is the name of an opera written by Beethoven... After getting the details of Nightingale, Bill rents a costume at a store called "Rainbow"... and then heads to Somerton, the property where the party is being held. The location selected to film the exterior scenes is Mentmore Towers, built in the 19th century as a country home for a member of the world's most prominent and powerful elite family: the Rothschilds. The internal scenes of the party were filmed at Elveden Hall, a private home in the UK designed to look like an Indian palace. When the "festivities" begin, a Tamil song called "Migration" plays in the background, adding to the South Asian atmosphere (the original version of the song contained an actual recitation of scriptures from the Bhagavad Gita, but the chant was removed in the final version of the film). This peculiar Indian atmosphere, combined with the scenes witnessed by Bill as he walks through the house, points to the most important part... Bill's journey as a whole has its meaning... The last lines of the film conclude and define the journey of Bill. After running around New York and getting turned on by all sorts of situations, Bill comes face to face with his wife and talks about how he is "awake" now. With its “life force” fully charged. Alice ends the film by completing a sentence... The meticulous symbolism and imagery of all of Stanley Kubrick's Works often communicate another dimension of meaning - one that transcends. To honor Stanley Kubrick's contribution to science fiction cinema, the highest mountain range on Pluto's moon, Charon, was named "Kubrick Mons" in April 2018. It has a Mythological Meaning. But the etymology of 'Charon' comes from the Greek, meaning 'sharp gaze' and 'fierce', 'lightning', or 'febrile eyes'. Eyes Wide Shut is a fractal puzzle of infinite dimensions. Kubrick introduces us to mythical theater. Watch the last work, performed by Master Stanley Kubrick. 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Poster Eyes Wide Shut - Syanley Kubrick     Scenes from the Movie Eyes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick Scenes from the Movie Eyes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick Scenes from the Movie Eyes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick

Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music Refined Rock Art 'More Than This'. Bryan Ferry studied Arts at Newcastle University .He is very interested in pop art and contemporary art, some of his professors were Richard Hamilton and Mark Lancaster, a silkscreen artist for Andy Warhol. Alongside his college classes, he joined an amateur rhythm'n blues rock group called the 'Banshes'. Then, in his second group, 'The Gas Board', he met bassist Graham Simpson, with whom he formed Roxy Music. Comprised of saxophonist Andy MacKay, synthesizer Brian Eno, drummer Paul Thompson and guitarist Phil Manzanera. Roxy Music, offered an elegant and refined pop of which Bryan Ferry was one of the main composers. The group known for its combination of experimentalism and sophistication, the lyricism contained in the lyrics, virtuous instrumental themes and exuberant visual production, had a fascination for fashion, glamour, cinema, for art and the avant-garde, which separated the band from its contemporaries. They did Art Rock, which oscillated between avant-garde rock and elegant pop hooks. The group managed to create a real audience and initiated the Glam movement, significant influence to the punk movement, provided a model for New Wave groups, Duran Duran, direct influence. After their first two albums: "Roxy Music" and "For Your Pleasure", the group enjoyed significant popularity in the UK. Musical disagreements, (as each had different influences and liked different bands), between Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno. Makes Bryan Ferry, let other musicians handle the songwriting. In the US, Roxy Music's best-known hits are "Love is a Drug", "Avalon" and "More Than This". This allows him to embark on a solo career. Opportunity for Bryan Ferry to release several cover albums, songs by the Rolling Stones and the Beatles ("These Foolish Things", "Another Time Another Place"). While Roxy Music strenuously pursued his career, he continued to produce albums and, unlike many artists, it was ten years later that the performer and songwriter achieved his greatest success. After separation from the group. Released "Boys And Girls" and Bête Noire. Albums all with his compositions. His biggest hits "Don't Stop The Dance", "Kiss and Tell", which was featured in the movie 'Bright Lights, Big City'. with Brian Eno and collaborates on the album “Mamouna.” Worked on a project of 1930s covers and new compositions, Grammy-nominated album “As Time Goes By.” Joined the members of Roxy Music and toured in Europe and the United States in 2001. He released a cover album of Bob Dylan "Dylanesque" in 2007. He has an incomparable version of John Lennon's 'Jealous Guy', Ferry is seen as a master of the art. members of Roxy Music and released the album "Olympia", named after the exhibition center in west London, near where her studio is, this one with Kate Moss, on the cover of the album, her pose was inspired by the painting by Èdourard Manet, Olympia Released the album "Avonmore" in 2014. Released in 2018 the album "Bitter Sweet", made later Ferry being part of the series "Babylon Berlin" (a German period drama based on the books by Volker Kutcher, set in the 1920s), on the album he brings a touch of modernity, a new and exciting way to ragtime, blues and jazz on their famous Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music tracks, it's almost like we're hearing it for the first time. And he had already made a previous album "The Jazz Age", so director Baz Lurhmann, listening to the album, contacted Ferry to record some songs for the movie 'The Great Gatsby', capturing all the glam and sloppiness of the crazy 20s. Record covers, 'all with beautiful models, all had a relationship with Bryan Ferry', and many other models and socielites. Charming man and gentleman. Different from the covers of the time. Bryan Ferry on his debut album, "Roxy Music", posted a pinup photo of Model Kari-Ann Muller, taken by photographer Karl Stoecker. French model Amanda Lear was the muse of Ferry and 'Salvador Dali', 'a "panther" woman holding a panther getting out of a car', on the album "For Your Pleasure", the futuristic, neo-noir and cover album high fashion was photographed again by Stoecker. On the "Stranded" album, Ferry sought out Marilyn Coles, playmate of 'Playboy', photographed by Stoecker. On the album, "Country Life", models Constanze Karoline and Eveline Grunwald, girls he met at a bar, and photographer Eric Bomam invited them to pose on the cover and they agreed, posing in lingerie, references to a sophisticated British magazine, mixed with a true case of a model who got involved with a politician at the time. The cover was censored, in Holland and the United States, later reedited, with another cover for the respective countries. The cover of the "Siren" album is supermodel Jerry Hall crawling across the rocks of a Greek island,a golden crown under her long blond mane, recreating her like the mermaid, luring sailors to their death. Blue filter photography by Graham Hughes, Antony Price painted the body, long pointed nails blue, adorning the ankles with blue fins. Inspired by 'Dorma by Marvel Comics', a blue aristocrat from the underwater world of comics, 'Namor the Submarine'. Her presence in Capa led her to fame, because at the time, she was starting to model. It was during this shoot that Hall fell in love with Ferry. They were engaged in a few months, but Hall would soon leave him for Mick Jagger. On the album "Manifesto", he presented a soiree of male and female mannequins, and two living models hidden in the crowd. In the album "Flesh and Blood", three beautiful women, referenced with a powerful stature. The same goes for the cover of the "Avalon" album, which features Ferry's future wife, socialite model Lucy Halmore 'her her father Patrick Helmore' rich Lloyd's agent and insurer. In a pose descending from Arthurian legend, she faces the sunrise, horned helmet and falcon ready as if she were visiting Arthur's Avalon herself, across a lake on the West Coast of Ireland, on a Helmore family estate. It was also inspired by pre-Raphaelite painting from the Victorian period. Bryan Ferry said of the cover: "A Celtic warrior queen, looking at Avalon. She carries on her wrist a Merlin - the favorite bird of prey of favorite lords." A single release of the 'More Than This' album featured on the cover of the photo a detail of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painfully melancholy 1872 painting 'Veronica Veronese' - thus maintaining the high romanticism of the Victorian masterpiece of the general artwork of "Avalon ". 'Avalon' is an uncannily beautiful album, an album that immerses the listener in their own enchanted world - about the desire to rest. She was an inspirational muse for several songs by Bryan Ferry, as well as Jerry Hall and Amanda Lear. Roxy Music is a post modern band. Bryan Ferry is one of Rock's greatest stylists. With a lot of class and elegance. He always made it clear that his vision of art and fashion would be part of the music package created by himself. He has incorporated a striking elegance and style to his group's concert and his solo shows, and has also brought that refinement to his album covers. In musical terms, Bryan Ferry's sound is characterized by a creative and personalized dive into the worlds of Glam rock, American Black Music in its strands (Soul, Jazz, Disco Music, Funk) and Pop, with a simply absurd good taste. Lyricism in Lyrics. David Bowie said he was one of his favorite songwriters and described him as one of the best songwriters in British music. All punctuated by his crooner voice, explored with a class and a category reserved for landing singers in the history of pop. Lyrics with Lyricism. It is the proof that pop music can be a sophisticated art form. Besides having been the best dressed Englishman of the late 20th century. All Fashion Magazines say the same. His name is synonymous with Cool. Able to provide us with climatic sounds, involving and in which the listener is taken on delicious journeys through the intricacies of love, passion and the high states of the soul. Dive into Mr Ferry's Work. Good taste for our eyes and ears. 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Bryan Ferry    Bryan Ferry Olympia Album by Roxy Music Kate Moss on the cover Clockwise Albums; Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure with Amanda Lear on the cover, Stranded, Country Life, Siren with Jerry Hall on the cover, Manifesto, Flesh and Blood and Avalon with Lucy Halmore on the cover.

Punk a Way of Being Artistic Movement Philosophy Cultural Expression. Music was just one facet of the punk identity. It's more than a sound, it's a whole way of being - a philosophy, an attitude and, crucially, a look. Punk was born as an artistic movement. It was a cultural expression of anguish, emotion and volume. People tired of the day's problems being covered up. They were tired of the commercialism of the world, they wanted to bring their society back to the real, raw human reality through fashion, hairstyles and music. Punk responded to the courageous realism of the politics and socioeconomic cultures of the time. The punk style rose up against capitalism, conformism and "the establishment". Thus punk sound bases were established in New York City, early punk style: Lou Reed, Ramones, Suicide and New York Dolls, Iggy and Stoogs, cleaning the psychedelic, leaving it purer. While Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones filled arenas with elaborate velvet and sequined outfits, the new rebels preferred t-shirts and Levi's. Get out of the Glam scene and 50% of the people were involved in what would come to be known as the punk scene. They dressed in thrift stores, from head to toe. The Dolls wore Levi's jackets that were small. In the mid-1970s the Ramones created a uniform, torn Levi's 505 jeans, worn from use, and black leather jackets. Television, guitarist Richard Hell, was one of the first to wear spiked hair and torn t-shirts held up by pins, and Blondie, Debby Harry, pioneered Levi's and designer goods, all mined from thrift stores. And other groups that frequented the CBGB. They had no money. Joey Ramone's torn Levi's were worn, Dee Dee Ramone's leather jacket, wrists were frayed. They weren't in fashion. At the time it was disgraceful to walk like that. And the Ramones said, that's what we are. When they started calling them punk, the revolution had already spread across the globe. And with the Ramones song, "Sheena is a punk rocker", it was the first time that slang was used as a concept. And it has expanded. Malcolm Maclaren managed the New York Dolls before returning to London, where he and his partner Vivianne Westwood built a boutique called Sex. Inspired by what he saw in New York, he combined the Dolls' exaggerated boldness with the laid-back style of Richard Hell of the Television, to create quintessentially British punk fashion and called its new clients, Sex Pistols, to promote it. Mc Laren, emulated the look and added a special touch to the hair color and styled it. At the same time, other London punks like X-Ray-Spex - led by Poly Styrene - clung to the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement philosophy and began using basic items, jeans and leather jackets as blank canvases to decorate with pins, ink and points. The UK was in a time of open conflict and discomfort. Follow The Clash, The Damned, Generation X, all nonconformists. Everyone dressed up every day expressing themselves as an artist. You could be an Artist who visually expressed yourself from head to toe on stage, or not, you could be a photographer, a graphic artist, a plastic artist, a fan or anything else. A long time later... The impact of punk came after Nirvana's success, coinciding with the rise of Generation X, a new, disaffected generation. Forty years after the beginning of punk, music continues to reverberate, in the indie and alternative movements that punk inspired. In fashion, his influence spread even further. You can see some of the simplicity rooted in Generation X, in the Indie rock uniform of jeans and t-shirts, and the continuing influence of McLaren and Westwood's vision in the completely custom jackets that have become "rigueur" for rap stars. The longest-lasting legacy of punk style cannot be reduced to just clothes and hair. It's more about the idea of being authentic, that if you do your own DIY stuff, and dress your way, get new ideas, think philosophically and have attitude, you can make the world change around you. Punk is a chameleon that changes to suit the needs of anyone who Embraces him. It was based on authenticity. Also on sociopolitical issues. Punk goes beyond any predefined guidelines. It came to represent a range of cultural ideologies and concepts. It emerged as a vein that runs throughout the modern world, from politics to art and culture. It affects people around the world, changing the way we think and feel. There is no single definition, but we have image ideas that are inherently punk. If you claim a statement or stand up against "the establishment", "status quo', are authentic or seek to be, try to understand the essence of everything. So congratulations you're punk. 3 chords...come on ...; One, two, three, go!..."Well New York City really has It all - Oh yeah, oh yeah - Sheena is a punk rocker - Sheena is punk rocker - Sheena is a punk rocker now." 'Ramones'. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 click Article Archives above, Click month and scroll down, just read)

London Punks between 1978 and 1980           London Punks between 1978 and 1980  Ramones 1977 One of the precursor bans of Punk Blondie 1977 Debby Harry pioneered Levi's and designer pieces, (Thrift Stores), in Punk