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Chameleonic Musician David Bowie Is Constellation Near Mars. David Bowie had several phases and styles in his creation as a musician: MOD (60s) - HIPPIE (60s) Space Oddity - GLAM (1970 - 1974) The Man Who Sold World (1970) Diamond Dogs (1974) - PLASTIC SOUL ( 1975 - 1976) Young Americans (1975) Station to station (1976) - BERLIN (1976 - 1979) Low, "Heroes" and Lodger - NEW ROMANTIC (1980 - 1988) Let's Dance (1983) and two more albums and back to rock with the band Tin Machine - ELECTRONIC (1995 - 2001) Outside (1995) Earthling (1997) - NEOCLÁSSICO (2002 - 2016) Hours (1999) - The Next Day (2013) and Blackstar (2016). His entire Creation as a Musician was guided from the beginning by his continuous quest as a man to attain Divine Enlightenment. And Bowie left all that, duly documented in his vast musical oeuvre. His Life Trajectory was ALL Inscribed in His Musical Work. David Bowie devoted himself to modern occultism. His own definition of himself: "I'm closer to the Golden Dawn Immersed in Crowley's uniform I'm not a prophet or a man of stone Just a mortal with the potential of a superman." - Quicksand. Everything documented from start to "end." With Great Style and Great Elegance. And for ALL that, he was honored with a lightning-shaped constellation. Bowie is now made up of seven stars: Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAO 204 132, SAO 241 641 and Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis. Just as it was drawn on his face on the cover of the album Alladin Sane (1973), and the location chosen for the lightning-shaped constellation, it was very close to Mars, as in the song Life on Mars from the album Hunky Dory (1971). At the request of a radio station in Brussels, the observatory for space studies MIRA (Institute for Astronomical Research of Monterey), registered the constellation in honor of the musician. As I Said, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. That's why David Bowie, will forever be in my Gallery, as an example of one of the Most Elegant Men. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click Article Archive, Click the month, scroll down, just read!)

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Gods of Greek Roman Mythology and Influences in Modern Times. Zeus Supreme ruler of the gods, presides over justice, ruler of the state, lord of the heavens and men, of hygiene and physical exercise. The Olympics are in his honor, as he is the Lord of Mount Olympus. And Helio (Sun, because it warms heart and soul, brings light and warmth to men) are my Parents Hermes (god of commerce, media "communication" and deception and messenger of the gods) my brother did a lot this year, probably my father will scold him. Uranus (god of the firmament, rules inventions, science, electricity, X-rays, airplanes, the magic, the occult, the understanding of the laws of Nature and Astrology itself. He also rules the will to create, changes sudden, revolutions, freedom and is a destroyer of traditions) is my Great-grandfather and Gaia my Great-grandmother (Earth, born of the original Chaos, mother of mountains and sea) and Cronos (god of time (chrono)logical and ancient) my most worthy Grandfather. Poseidon (god of the seas, governs the entire ocean and all the deities of the seas) and Plouton (god of wealth) are my Dear Uncles. Hera (supreme goddess, patron of marriage and childbirth, with a special interest in protecting married women) my Mother. Ares (god of war) my brother, Aphrodite (Greek goddess of beauty, fertility and love, corresponding to Roman Venus, however, unlike the latter, represented not only sexual love but also the affection that sustains social life), my sister. Palas Athena, protector of Athens, on which the temple Palas Athena was built (goddess of wisdom, prudence, capacity for reflection, mental power, lover of beauty and perfection), my sister. (WHAT I JUST WRITER, IS A POETIC LICENSE). The Romans invaded the Balkan Peninsula, where the Greek civilization developed. There the Romans made many slaves, including several Greek sages. Upon arriving in Rome, these enslaved sages performed various functions such as, for example, educating the children of the aristocratic families of the Empire. By educating these children, the sages transmitted values from Greek culture to Roman children, making them assimilate these values and mix them with their own, as in the case of gods and religion. Children become adults, but they do not lose the values passed down by the Greek sages. These adults end up continuing these values. There are several examples of this mixture of values, but the best known is the association of the Greek gods with the Roman gods. That's why the best known are the Roman names of the gods, so I'll exemplify: (Zeus - Greek... Jupiter - Roman), (Helio - Greek...Sol Invictus - Roman), (Cronos - Greek... Saturn - Roman), (Hera - Greek...Juno - Roman), (Hephaestus - Greek...Vulcan - Roman), (Poseidon - Greek... Neptune - Roman), (Hades/Day - Greek... Pluto or Ploutos... Roman), (Ares - Greek... Mars - Roman), (Apollo - Greek... Phoebus - Roman), (Artemis - Greek... Diana - Roman), (Aphrodite - Greek... Venus - Roman), (Eros - Greek... Cupid - Roman), (Palas Athens - Greek... Minerva - Roman), (Hermes - Greek... Mercury - Roman), (Demeter - Greek... Ceres - Roman), (Selene/Selena - Greek... Luna or Moon - Roman). (Apollo - Greek... Phoebus - Roman). Rome to Centuries, defined The Calendar that is Roman and Solar. (Different from the Hebrew Calendar, which is governed by the Moon, so in Israel the Calendar is usually different.) The days of the week are all named in Roman (as you were taught in the School, the names of the Planets, in sequence ). Come on! The week starts on Sunday. So here we go: SUNDAY (Day of the Sun), MONDAY - LUNES in Spanish (Day of the Moon), TUESDAY - MARTES in Spanish (Day of Mars), WEDNESDAY - MIÉRCULES in Spanish (Day of Mercury) THURSDAY - JUEVES in Spanish (Day) of Jupiter (THOR) in German God of Thunder, which is one of the attributes of Jupiter and also because he commands all the youthful age, from which the word descends), FRIDAY - VIERNES in Spanish (Day of Venus (FREYA) in German), SATURDAY - SATURDAY in Spanish (Saturn Day). Yes. Each god commands his day. He reigns sovereign over that day. And do you know which day is the feast of Sol Invictus? December 25th!!! There are more mysteries between heaven and earth than our vain philosophy dreams of - William Shakespeare. Good! Then! Each day of the week is ruled by a god (deity, angels, etc). So in practice, we would have Luck, (THEY SAY!) on a daily basis, in the obligations of each god  on their respective day. SUNDAY (Whether you work or not that day, thank King Father Sun, his benefits, and everything you do that day, you will get great results). MONDAY (ruled goddess of the moon, Selene was the patroness of the feminine. It was believed that she had the power to ease childbirth and inspire love, in addition to masking reality and, in turn, breaking illusions. Features: Among other powers of goddess of the moon, Selene awakens intuition and provokes psychic visions. This probably derives from the association of the moon and night with dreams. This association may also be why Selene is widely regarded as the patroness of solutions, which often appear to people in dreams when the subconscious mind has a chance to process information that has not been consciously recognized). So on Monday, dream at night, to bring solutions. TUESDAY (Mars Day, if Mars is god of war, that means strategy). So it's a day to solve the most difficult things of everyday life. WEDNESDAY (Mercury day, communication). Set up a meeting, a job interview, dissolve a misunderstanding, everything that has to do with communication. THURSDAY (Day of the great Father, god Jupiter), everything you do will benefit. FRYDAY (Day of Venus). Be loving that day in everything you do, the goddess Venus will return. SATURDAY (ruled by Saturn, god of time, the Elder). We should rest, (Hence the Sabbatical Year), but if not possible, work on that day. Try to do everything more calmly than on the other days of the week. At least try to lighten the day. (If working as far as possible). Further on in another article I will talk about chronological age, as the Greco-Roman gods take care of each phase of our age. To which it was delegated by the Most High Sovereign, to take care of our different stages in Life. The summary I made above of the Pantheon of Gods is small, but they all had children, which consequently has other obligations in Greco-Roman Mythology. THE INFLUENCES OF THE MOON, SELENE, ISIS, ARTEMIS. In the physical world; gravity, tides, and the dynamics of bodily fluids. And in its phases, on a daily basis, it influences our emotions, fertility, nutrition, integration with the public, business, interpersonal relationships, health, sleep, etc. (THEY SAY!) NEW MOON - Beginning, new beginnings. Starting new projects, closing deals or opening businesses. Predicting Success. WAXING MOON - Phase to gather knowledge and give shape to our plans, hire people, marketing and promotion of products and projects. FULL MOON - Time to reap the results, if you started with a plan, business, project. Good for events Promotions, Negotiations will have to take each other into account to be successful. Phase for personal relationships. Not suitable for general surgeries. WANING MOON - Submissions. good time to resolve outstanding issues and finalize unfinished projects. Start planning a new one. Debt negotiation, where interest will be reduced. Indicated for surgery in general. If you liked it, read more about Greco-Roman Mythology. Well, above is just a small summary of this mystery that is the World of Mythology. (To read + Articles 2020, 2021 Click Article Archive above, Click the month, scroll down, just read!)

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